Michael Dawkins

CEO and Co-Founder

Michael J. Dawkins is the CEO and Co-Founder of ShaeVitality, bringing precision vitality to European organizations.
Before stepping into this role he worked as the innovation director and head of executive programs for Singularity University in The Netherlands. Michael was responsible for bringing immersive learning experiences to the educational programs, regarding the power of exponential technologies in solving humanity's grandest challenges and future proofing organizations.


Whilst working with many leaders of large global organizations in this capacity, he realized that to truly change, transform and flourish even, organizations need more than inspired, knowledgeable and future oriented leaders. They also need compelling future perspectives and operate from a higher level of consciousness. To successfully realize all this, organizations need to have enough life force. Shae is the world’s first epigenetic data-tracking platform for corporate health and wellness programming that does just that.


Michael has been a social entrepreneur for over 14 years. Working in many different fields of expertise with a common theme being new ways of working and organizing. He was European Innovation Partner Smart Cities and Communities. Michael holds certifications in many different areas of personal and/or organizational development like NLP, Human Potential Development, Orthomolecular Science and Personalized Health and has a background in Physical Therapy where he specialized in psychoneuroendocrine stress-induced syndromes.


Michael lives in Eindhoven, The Netherlands together with his wife and 2 year old daughter. He loves the mountains especially in wintertime with a snowboard strapped to his feet.