Jacqueline Brassey

McKinsey Health Institute

Jacqueline Brassey (PhD, MAfN) is a co-leader at the McKinsey Health Institute and a Senior Expert in Healthy Work and Resilient & Adaptive Workforces. Furthermore, she is a research fellow at VU Amsterdam, an Adjunct Professor at IE University in Spain in the area of sustainable employee development and performance, serves as Advisory Council Member of the World Wellbeing Movement, as Advisory Board Member of  Wellbeing at Work and as a steerco member at the Healthy Workforces Initiative of the World Economic Forum.


Jacqui brings ~25 years of international experience in business and academia, of which about 10 years with Unilever (based in NL and UK) and now 10+ years with McKinsey & Company (based in NL and Luxembourg). Jacqui holds degrees in both organisation and business sciences, as well as in medical sciences. She has a bachelor’s in international business and languages from Avans University of Applied Sciences, a cum laude bachelor’s and master’s in policy and organisation sciences from Tilburg University, a PhD in economics and business from Groningen University and a joint master’s in affective neuroscience from Maastricht University and the University of Florence. She has (co-)authored and presented more than a hundred articles, books, bookchapters, podcasts and scientific papers.


She has worked and lived in five different countries, loves running, hiking and a good glass of wine, and currently lives with her South African/Dutch family in Luxembourg.