Decisions, decisions. We make so many of them every day. But how do we know we are making the right ones—for ourselves, our teams, and our organisations?
In today's increasingly uncertain, competitive landscape, sound judgment is critical—especially for our leaders. Unfortunately, our brains are not perfect decision makers. They mature to make decisions adaptively, rather than accurately. And our mind and body’s unconscious drivers are not well equipped to meet the daunting complexity of our modern world. In order to keep up, our brains must take shortcuts.
The result? Cognitive distortions. We reach feelings of confidence with surprisingly little evidence, alternative perspectives go ignored, and risks are not properly identified or assessed. High-stakes decisions are made with little to no data—and are often rife with bias.

In this webinar, we will:

- Dive into the inner workings of the brain to unpack how it makes decisions, and when to trust, or not trust those decisions

- Explore the latest neuroscience research and understand how to bypass, disrupt, and, in some cases, eliminate distortions in your thinking

- Learn about effective strategies to ensure your decision-making confidence is actually earned.

Speakers , January 2020

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