16 June

Post Pandemic Designs: Rewriting the Rules

16-Jun-2021 14:10 - 14:40

The talk, inspired by Mark’s next forthcoming book, “The Great Remobilization” (with Olaf Groth and Terence Tse) will analyse the discontinuities and tectonic shifts that emerged during the pandemic and then chart a roadmap for a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future. We're calling it "The Great Remobilization," and with it we hope to help leaders as we collectively design better global systems, hence the idea of rewriting the rules.   “The Great Remobilization” will chart a new path toward a more viable, sustainable, resilient and equitable world. Before we do this, however, we as societies, economies, businesses and individuals need to understand the tectonic shifts and major disruptions that occurred in the course of these few months.
“The Great Remobilization” will synthesise the insights of global experts to craft a viable formula for recovery. We will explore the roots of the tectonic shifts, analyse where they might lead us, and outline the steps we can collectively take – using our rich diversity of ideas and perspectives – to shape new horizons for prosperity, purpose, and peace. Ultimately, this work, and the essence of the talk will show how humanity can thrive in this unprecedented environment if we recognize and adapt to it in our societies, economies, organisations, and lives.


Mark Esposito
Clinical Professor of Global Shifts
and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Thunderbird School
of Global Management
Mark Esposito, PhD research focuses on the interlink between policy, business and technology and he researches the impact that the transformation of the 4IR technologies will bring to an array of industries. He writes both professional press and..
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