16 June

Driving Engagement & Wellbeing in Times of Change - Leadership Challenges and the Future of Work

16-Jun-2021 16:20 - 16:50

Stress and worry are at historic high levels and the global health crisis has an effect on millions of lives. However, there are lessons from positive psychology that can help us bounce back and thrive. During the interactive session, Diana Sonnenberg will share findings from Gallup’s global research on what constitutes a life well-lived. Diana will also explain why engagement, leadership and culture matter even more today and what organisations and managers can do to foster resilience and engagement during times of uncertainty.


Diana Sonnenberg
Associate Principal & Director
Client Experience , Gallup Germany
Diana Sonnenberg is the Director of Client Experience at Gallup Germany and oversees a number of client relationships and teams across Europe to create great, sustainable workplaces based on years of research in behavioral and people analytics. She..
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