Robert Dobay


Dr Robert Dobay is an influential business thinker, interim manager and coach who bravely goes against the mainstream and challenges conventional leadership and business practices. He has unique experience in business and leadership development, organisation transformation, and change management.

Due to his practical thinking, creativity and personal efficiency, he reached the peak of his career in his thirties: he fulfilled several global executive roles at, for example, IBM and Getronics.

Thereafter, Robert decided to get off the treadmill and has started a new career. Based on his business experience, he founded Menedzsmentor to support enterprises in putting their strengths to work in change processes. Instead of fixing problems, building on individual and organisational strengths is the centre of his approach. He does not make compromises to conventional wisdom. Careful assessment, disciplined execution, and outstanding influencing skills play an important role in obtaining results and spectacular changes in a relatively short time that clients speak about in flattering terms. He is considered to be one of the top executive coaches in Hungary.


How Can We Boost Leadership Development in the Digital Era?

17-Jan-2018 17:00 - 18:30