Rethink Corporate Learning: 5 Highlights at the 2020 MERIT European Summit
Rethink Corporate Learning: 5 Highlights at the 2020 MERIT European Summit

The MERIT European Summit, “Rethinking Learning in a Connected World”, is convening in Paris in just a few days. The event will track the latest trends in corporate learning and development.

What has changed during this tumultuous year? How are L&D leaders helping employees and organisations adapt? What are the most important EdTech innovations, and which practices should become a thing of the past?

Corporate experts and thought leaders will gather at this boutique event to discuss the key lessons of 2020 and where L&D goes from here. Here are five highlights you shouldn’t miss.

#1. Rebuilding after Covid-19: a “new deal” for employees

The shock to the system of L&D in 2020 has revealed what needs to change, argues Bernard Coulaty, a senior HR leader with experience in Europe and Asia-Pacific. In his MERITalk, Bernard will discuss which deeply held beliefs about corporate learning no longer apply. He will also outline a new framework for engaging employees. Find out his actionable proposal for creating purpose and ownership and fostering a sense of belonging in the new world of work.

#2. How do you reach learners where they are? Use analytics.

Are some learners failing to engage with your upskilling initiatives? Do you know why? Data has the answer. In this case study, Makoto Miyasako, head of the Talent Management and Analytics Group at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), will share how his organisation uses analytics to advance its L&D strategy.

Makoto will guide event participants through the challenges of reconciling various learning systems in order to accurately measure core data. He will then demonstrate how analytics can identify engagement challenges for different learners, and also support diversity objectives. Data-based learning design can respond more quickly to changing business priorities and to the individual needs of employees – this talk will give you practical tips on how to do it.

#3. Virtual learning, human coaching

A culture in which leaders coach rather than control their employees has many advantages, including creativity, innovation, and increased performance. But can it be taught? And can such a transformation happen remotely, in an international, blended learning environment? Yes, according to L&D expert Victoria Feldman’s case study about Uber.

At the ride-sharing company, 2,000 geographically dispersed leaders engaged in a virtual learning experience to become better coaches and advocates for their people. Victoria will show how Uber measured the programme’s impact, as well as how leadership development initiatives can create sustainable longer-term change.

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#4. Avoiding the “valley of death”: exec ed in the real world

Not all executive education works. L&D leaders are familiar with the “valley of death”: many executives do not apply the skills and concepts learned in class to their everyday activities and relationships. Nicholas Davis, Professor of Practice at Thunderbird School of Management, Arizona State University (US), will explain why this happens and how to make sure your investments in leadership development pay off.

Nicholas has managed dozens of major research projects focused on disruptive change and innovation. He has spent more than a decade at the World Economic Forum, where he supported governments, multinational firms, and civil society organisations to collaborate on global challenges. In his keynote, he will share key insights that can make a difference for L&D at a time of global instability.

#5. Does face-to-face corporate learning have a future? A debate.

Research shows the huge potential of tech like AR/VR for learning. What role, if any, will physical interaction play in the mix? Sylvie Papillon, VP, International Learning at cybersecurity and aeronautics giant Thales, and Alexandre Glas, VP Product and Data at the AI learning platform H.U.H. Corporate, will discuss the different possible approaches.

See their in-person discussion and decide for yourself which direction your corporate learning programmes should take.

Join L&D and HR leaders at the boutique MERIT European Summit to find out what the future holds for learning. You can still reserve your complimentary ticket. Please note that the event is capped at 50 people.


By Ani Kodjabasheva